Pre-planning Your Affairs

While recently attending a seminar hosted by Jim Reid of James Reid Funeral Home, I gained a better awareness of the need to preplan one’s affairs at death and to communicate that plan with your loved ones.

Memories are predominantly what we cherish during a period of grief. How often have we looked at a family photo in a box and checked the back of the photo to find out that there is no date, no names and no one to identify these individuals. Family tales, history and legacies should be written down for the next generation to learn about. Taking the time to create a memory book to document and explain those special moments in our lives is likely the most valuable and cherished gift you can give to your family.

What would you do if one of your family members died away from home? This is a reality that more and more families face every year. People travel across North America and overseas on a regular basis. In North America last year, there were over 23,000,000 trips of more than 100 KM’s taken. Approximately 42,000 families faced the harsh reality of a sudden and unexpected death and were in the position of having to find a way to bring their loved ones home. Families are confronted with tasks such as identification of the deceased, finding and coordinating the services of a funeral home possibly in a foreign country, air flights and transportation of the deceased and those traveling with them, foreign customs and practices, and paying all these costs upfront which can often be $10,000.00 or more.

There is a tool that should be added to your preplanning kit. The Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan was designed to cover these expenses and do all the tasks that would be left to an unprepared and grieving family. A one-time payment gives a subscriber lifetime membership in the plan. Simply phone the contact number and everything would be taken care of for you. If you regularly travel more than 100KM’s away from your home this type of coverage makes sense in combination with your other life, health and financial planning tools. If you would like more information please contact our office.