A Gift of a Lifetime

You may not realize it but, just about anyone can be a philanthropist and make “a gift of a lifetime.”  In this article, I am focusing on charitable giving as it relates to one of many worthwhile foundations in the Kingston area. As Vice-Chair of the Limestone Learning Foundation I have the privilege of sharing the following thoughts with you. While these comments apply to any charitable foundation, I have chosen to focus on education in our community.

More and more people from all walks of life are ensuring that their support of an important cause will continue long after they have gone. A legacy gift through a bequest in a Will, a gift of a life insurance policy, or a gift of publicly traded stock is an effective way to achieve this while providing significant tax and estate planning advantages. These gifts are of great importance to charities like the Limestone Learning Foundation and, as part of the LLF’s permanent Endowment Fund, they help to provide stability and sustainability into the future.

Legacy gifts are very simple to arrange, especially if you are planning to work with your advisors to set up or review your estate plans. With careful thought and sound advice, you can sow the seeds today that will benefit thousands of children for generations to come and provide tax benefits to you and your estate. You can help create the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

As the charitable arm of the Limestone District School Board, the Limestone Learning Foundation raises funds to support innovative enhanced learning projects for students at Limestone District Schools. To date, more that 385 such projects have made a very real difference in what and how a child will learn. So, speak with your advisor and remember that a legacy gift could be the most important philanthropic gift you’ll ever make- truly “A Gift of a Lifetime”