July 13, 2016
Riding out Investment Blips

Over the years there have been numerous examples of global events impacting stock markets around the world. Brexit is only one example of market volatility and uncertainly.Months after events such as this occurs, the decrease and increase in investor’s portfolios are known as a blip.

February 18, 2016
Spousal RRSP's are still a good financial planning tool

Spousal RRSPs are a great idea to split income upon retirement. By Susan Creasy

January 25, 2016
Does your advisor really know your investment risk?

There is more to your risk tolerance then just a risk questionaire. Ensure your advisor truly knows all of your risk factors. By Aaron Buchner

January 13, 2016
How market volatility is protected by life insurance industry segregated funds?

Segregated funds can provide 5 points of protection for your investments, that can not be matched by mutual funds. By Susan Creasy

If you think all RRSP are the same - Think Again!

Investment funds offered by the banks and mutual fund companies do not provided the same benefits and guarantees as segregated fund policies. By Susan Creasy

Don't Fail to Plan

If you feel the need to be constantly in touch with the performance of financial markets you may need to reassess your position, asset allocation and tolerance to investment risk. By Susan Creasy

Is your Financial Foundation Solid?

During times of turbulence in the markets it is crucial to revisit the foundation of your financial plan. By Susan Creasy

Diversify Rebalance

It is important to consider time-tested investment principles as strategies that can serve you well as the markets continue to recover. By Susan Creasy

Don't Give up on GIC's

Have you ever wanted to have the safety of guaranteed returns, yet something a little more interesting than a typical GIC? By Susan Creasy

How does longevity affect Investment risk

Retirees have to think realistically about their exposure in the stock market, especially when they start to draw down their assets with monthly or annual income. Retirement savings should be invested in products that give you the up side but have a downside protection. By Susan Creasy