What benefits are built into your Critical Illness Insurance policy?

World renowned heart surgeon Dr. Marius Barnard helped develop critical illness insurance. Dr. Barnard witnessed the emotional strains that many of his patients faced after surviving a serious illness. Financial stress often worked against recovery or, in many cases, left patients struggling to pay bills as they resumed their lives.”You need financial independence when you’re ill,” said Dr. Barnard. “Not because you’re going to die, but because you’re going to live!”

Advances in medical science and increasing life expectancies mean you have a better chance of surviving a critical illness, such as a heart attack, cancer or stroke.  If you already have a Critical Illness policy in place as part of your financial plan, reading your policy details you may come across reference to “Best Doctors”. Most Critical Illness Insurance policies provide you with access to the services of “Best Doctors” which are designed to help you and your treating physician, upon diagnosis of a covered condition to improve the chance of a successful outcome through access to additional information and expertise.

Some features when Best Doctors is included in your policy is access to “Inter consultation” which provides an in-depth review of your medical records, personalized medical evaluation and treatment recommendations from specialists affiliated with leading medical institutions throughout the world.

“Find BestDoc” provides the names and professional profiles of up to 3 top specialists based on your geographic preference who have been identified by other doctors as the “best” for treating your condition.

“Find BestCare” provides assistance with medical appointments and monitoring of the treatment process to help assure that your medical priorities are met.

All these benefits plus a “tax free” cash payment are included in most Critical Illness polices sold in Canada. See your financial advisor to review any questions you may have about your current critical Illness policy or for information on getting a plan in place for you and your family members.