What are the chances?

The number of newly diagnosed cancer cases in Canada is increasing but the good news is that survival rates are also on the rise, which helps account for the growing number of cancer survivors. The latest figures from the Canadian Cancer Society show that one in two Canadians will develop cancer during their lifetime, and 63% of those diagnosed will survive their cancer for at least five years.  Although cancer primarily affects people over the age of 50, it can happen at any time and at any age.

If those numbers don’t shock you, think about all your friends, family and acquaintances that you know. How many of them have been affected by cancer or another critical illness, such as heart attack or stroke? Then think about when they were diagnosed; was it before the age of 40 in some cases or even earlier? Based on all of this information, would you consider yourself to be just as likely or possibly more likely to have cancer or another critical illness?

Regardless of whether you think you will develop a critical illness or not, it is important to take an active role by protecting yourself and your family with critical illness insurance. Critical illness insurance can protect you on just 4 conditions or up to 25 conditions. This means that depending on your preference and budget, you can still get the protection you need. The amount of coverage can be as low as $25,000 or up to $2,000,000 depending on your financial needs. Most people will purchase enough coverage to protect one year’s salary, allowing you to take all the time you need to recover without worrying about your income or finances.

The last thing you want to think about while you are recovering is how are you going to pay the bills, when do I have to return to work, or will my savings be enough? Critical illness insurance not only provides a tax-free lump sum when diagnosed, but also peace of mind that you and your family will be taken care of during this time. Talk to us today to get a free, no obligation quote.