The greatest gift

As a new parent, I spend most of my time focusing on my son, enjoying every moment with him. Playing, exploring and just being with him brings such joy to me. Like my parents, I want the best for my child. No matter what 'the best' means to you, be it financially, in life, or in experiences, we can all agree that it is what we want for our children.

For me personally, I want him to have great experiences throughout his entire life. I want to provide him with the opportunity to do what he wants and truly enjoy it. As a parent, you have to figure out how you do this. To me, that means supporting him in whatever ways I can and providing protection against life's unknowns so he can focus on what he wants in life.  One of the ways I can do that is with critical illness insurance.

Critical illness insurance for children has many benefits, including protection against five childhood illnesses, fixed monthly premiums till age 25, and access to top specialists. These all provide me and my son with the comfort knowing that his risks are protected. If he is diagnosed with a critical illness, we have the funds available to support a successful recovery. I know that the total cost to me is fixed and will not increase over the next 25 years and I know that I have access to top specialists to ensure he is given the best medical advice possible. Should it be needed, I know that I also have counselling services available to help my family through what could be a long and difficult journey.

Lastly, for the long-term health of my son, the coverage is 100% guaranteed and is convertible to a permanent coverage at the age of 25 without the need for any medical tests or exams. This gives him the protection he needs for life against any critical illnesses. All of this provides 'the best' for my son, meaning he has funds and strong medical advice available if and when he needs it. He can be free to have life experiences knowing that he is protected if anything happens. Make your move today. Get critical illness insurance for your children and know you are giving you and your family peace of mind.

Aaron Buchner