Budgeting & Financial Planning

October 12, 2018
Paying for your Education

Post-secondary education can be expensive, however, having the opportunity to plan for it helps with making sure that you’re capable to meet the costs of education. In addition, when you have a plan, it’s easier to make financial decisions that align with your goals and provide peace of mind.

September 12, 2018
Be Prepared For Raising Interest Rates

Rising interest rates will continue to put a squeeze on your budget. Plan ahead and take control of your debt and your budget. 

New Parents

Being a new parent can be daunting, we outline the 5 things you need to do as soon as possible and how to cover your expenses in the first year. Contact us for a complimentary review. 

Tax Lines to Look Out For

It's that time of year again, when many of us sit down to complete our income tax return and hope that we have done enough preparation to ensure a smooth and speedy process.  Unfortunately, there are a number of complexities that can cause us problems - here are a few of the most common issues experienced by individuals when submitting their tax returns

2018 Ontario Budget

The 2018 Ontario budget features a number of new measures and billions of dollars of enhanced spending across the spectrum, as announced by the province’s Finance Minister, Charles Sousa. Read on for some of the key proposals.

Budgeting and Beyond

Do you have a budget? Unsure where to start? Having a budget gives you the financial freedom to live the lifestyle you want by telling your money where it should go

April 12, 2017
Would you risk it all and do it yourself?

Most people do not seek out the professional advice of a financial advisor.  A financial advisor is a professional who gives you guidance on your investments and financial plan. Do you know all the advantages you gain from working with a financial advisor?

November 16, 2016
Till Death do Us Part

With 1/3 of couples married in 2008 will end in divorce before their 50th anniversary, do you have a plan in place to protect your assests? A prenuprial agreement can help protect your assests should you and your spouse choose to seperate. 

December 2, 2016
What we can all learn from the Griswolds

Have you purchased new furniture or a TV and took part of the “do not pay till 20XX” or put all of your Christmas gifts on credit, thinking that you will pay them off in January?

October 25, 2016
New Mortgage Rules Can Decrease your Buying Power

Understanding this new rule and re-evaluating your budget and investments will help you become fully aware of what your new time frame is for purchasing your first home.