The First Meeting

Many new clients have never worked with a Financial Advisor. Often first time clients are unsure of what information the advisor will need to know. Here we outline the kinds of information that we will need in order to get the full picture of your current situation and how to best advise you on how to achieve your goals and dreams.

Please review this list and provide our firm with copies of the relevant information. Providing as much of this information as possible before the first meeting is often helpful as we can be better prepared to review your current financial situation and provide direction or advice.

Annual Reviews

Once you have a plan in place and you are acting on your course of action, remember that keeping your advisor updated with your latest information is important in helping you reach your goals. An annual review is very important to both you and your financial advisor. Information and data held in a clients file is highly confidential and is strictly retained for the purpose of creating a plan of action.